How important are housewives for the country's economic development?- by Ayushi yadav

Women have always been a prominent topic of discussion. From Vedic age to date, questions about their positions in this male chauvinistic society is subject to debate. Virtually they are worshipped, they are being adorned with gold, but in actuality, they are merely considered to be an object and their contributions have been uncared for. Roused by the television program which shows how housewives are undermined, how we are pig-ignorant of their contributions to society? How we are heedless of the fact that to what extent they contribute to the country's economic development? The jobs that housewives perform be it homemaking or child-nurturing are unpaid, although homemaking and child care that involves professionals are being paid. The fundamental point is to assert that the number of efforts that housewives put into household chores, if these services will be included in GDP, then it will amount to a great hike in GDP. We are nonchalant to how important roles housewives play in e

Religious places allowed to open in India,wise decision?- by Ayushi yadav

“ "GOVERNMENT TO OPEN RELIGIOUS PLACES AHEAD OF JUNE 8" This headline piqued my curiosity amidst all the grave news of the pandemic. Being an economist I was compelled to view this within the frame of the economy. Do religious places contribute to the country's economy? Does the government earn revenue from  places that are marked with purity and spirituality? During my research I came across certain data that gives an account of the annual wealth of  religious places, that astonished me. The data is as follows- 1)TIRUPATI TEMPLE -The temple riches are truly staggering. It is the richest temple in the country. Shockingly the cash deposited in the donation urns in the temple itself an estimated 2500-3000 crores annually. 2)SHRI VAISHNODEVI TEMPLE -The gorgeous Vaishnodevi temple in Jammu has 1.2 tonnes of gold and according to estimates, the temple is likely to collect 500  crores every year. 3)SIDDHI VINAYAK TEMPLE -The edifice temple located in Maharashtra dedicated to l

Labor crisis in this pandemic- by Ayushi yadav

In this pandemic we are facing unprecedented times as the coronavirus sweeps the globe.For the time being, even in the short run, the economy is unstable and under extreme condition of inequilibrium.As the demand and supply for labor are varying significantly and to such an extent that it has led to substantial increase in the unemployment level.From those working in restaurants to those making a living by ironing clothes , those involved in construction work , repercussions of this pandemic are ubiquitous. Therefore there is an adverse need for both effective fiscal and monetary policies.The contemplation of governments has resulted in implementation of several policies, for instance several countries like Japan, China, India etc are adopting the wage compensation scheme to help the informal sector.But can we really expect its successful implementation? For every 10 people who successfully applied for unemployment benefits during the crisis ,three or four couldn't get thro